The villa

The villa

Villa Cheta is the real deal: why go anywhere when you have it to look after you? It takes constant application to achieve peace and ease and this is what the property and its staff do in full measure. You are their guests and, more, their friends. You are there to be taken care and that is what they do in that wonderful Italian way, they make it their pleasure as much as yours.


Originally Villa Cheta was Villa Marsicano but in 1980 Aquadro family liked it so much that they took over the property bringing out its original structure and, combining modern furniture, they created a small boutique hotel with the only wish to continue the tradition of refined and charming hospitality retaining the villa feel that gave it birth.


Villa Cheta Hotel loves taking care of its guests with extra and dedicated services, such as:

Outside bio-swimming pool filled with salt water and built with natural stones, surrounded by touch carpet and sterilised with the latest generation electronic control, through sea salt and photosynthesis ( we don’t use chlorine and the water is clear, without smells and fits well the skin pH).

Breakfast for coeliacs.

Vegetarian and vegan menus.

Book sharing: bring your dearest book on holiday. You can choose which one to read or even make funny exchanges.

Shuttle service to and from the beaches that has an agreement with the hotel.

Solarium with sun lounges.

Free internet point and free wi-fi in the whole hotel.

Valet parking (car parking porterage on arrival and departure by the staff).

Free luggage deposit.


Enquire and Book

Just few steps divide you from your holiday at the hotel Villa Cheta in Maratea. If you have already decided or if you want just some information here you can book at the best guaranteed rate or ask us with no obligation on your part.