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“Repubblica Viaggi” suggests the Hotel Villa Cheta to recover your relationship

A trip is the best way to reawaken the feeling with your partner. Changing scenery and habits, even if for a short time, cam make you live moments right for couples and discover things which are not good for it. The psychotherapist and sexologist Maria Claudia Biscione has declared: “ Far away from everyday routine and in a different place you can recover your relationship, living together new experience, speaking more each other and having more time for cuddles. Of course the destination should be suitable to the moment the couple is living, just to avoid that crisis and conflicts could be increased by the wrong holiday”. For no mistakes here you find expert’0s suggestions to enjoy the perfect trip for your couple.

For stressed couples

You are close and tied but everyone is absorbed in job which doesn’t make you feel free and enjoy your private life. You are the typical couple who lives with the mobile always in the hand, woks 24 hours a day, always connected or in conference call.

Where can you go on holiday? You need a very clear cut to the daily grind and even it’s shocking, choosing the right place is very important: you need a place with no connection, in contact with nature (even if exteme), which let you unplug and then learning again “to breathe”. Both safari and trekking, here what is worth: loosing yourself in breathe-taking landscapes to discover again the value of the important things in life.

Addresses in Italy: are you looking for a place based on digital detox? Let’s discover the clear water of Maratea, in Basilicata, staying in a quiet place like Villa Cheta in Acquafredda (PZ) ( Blooming gardens, antique furniture, gourmet kitchen are there waiting for you: for more you can completely unplug as you can leave tablets or mobiles at the reception while you are enjoying a trip in the Pollino National Park or in one of the most beautiful village in Italy: Morano Calabro.

Which place should you avoid? Places close to where you live as you can go back earlier; places with easy connections as you can use computers while your partner is having a bath in the swimming pool.

Source: Repubblica Viaggi

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