Simply relax

Simply relax

From 14.04.2017 to 27.06.2017 and from 10.09.2017 to 12.10.2017

Villa Cheta offers to its guests the opportunity to plunge into the true recovery of the relationship between themselves and the nature with body and mind; the new outside swimming pool of the Villa Cheta in Basilicata was created making optimum use of the natural features of environment, respecting and integrating the surroundings. Salt water is the new concept of wellness as the salt has several therapeutical and beneficial effects: the mineral microelements harden the skin, slim the body and raise your spirit.

Revaluing the pleasure of reading. Reading is a delight that not everyone grant oneself for lack of time. This is a recurring excuse but only sometimes this is truth and, about time, if there is time to feed our body there would be the more precious one to feed our soul too.

Walking on bare foot even without socks because feeling the earth is good and betters blood circulation, thermoregulation and the back posture. Barefooting is a pleasantness to discover in peacefulness. Taking off your shoes on one of the marvellous beaches is a new experience to have. More and more brides choose the Gulf of Policastro for their most important “yes”, but without heels at sunset in one of the surprising bays along the coast. Villa Cheta Elite Hotel created a softer path not far from the beach: surrounding the swimming pool you can have a unique sensory travel among jasmines and bouganvilleas. Of course, all the shoes are not allowed.

Price starting from Euro 215,00 for one couple.



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