rafting lao river

Rafting along Lao river

The Lao river in the heart of Pollino National Park

You can raft in the heart of Pollino National Park, in the village of Laino Borgo. It’s considered the natural door of Pollino and Calabria and here there is one of the most fascinating and extraordinary river in Europe: the Lao river.

Rafting in Basilicata

The Gorges of Lao river offer a unique landscape doable with rafts on canoes. The hotel Villa Cheta in Maratea, Basilicata, has special offers to let you discover rafting, a river descent along bubbly rivers on inflatable boats. Rafting has always been considered as an extreme sport but it’s actually a funny activity accessible to everyone, children and kids included.

After rafting, excursions

lao riverThe excursion along the Gorges of Lao river is really fascinating and it starts in the village of Laino Borgo, on foot. After 2 kilometres of navigation you arrive at the beginning of the Gorges which are 12 kilometres long. It’s a unique natural landscape characterized by rocky sides which create an extraordinary canyon, sources create beautiful falls and among them the most remarkable is Malomo falls. In some places the passage of the raft is not allowed because of the nature of the river so you should do transshipments. In the last kilometres the landscape changes, walls become lower, beaches and dense vegetation accompany you until landing.

After rafting, excursions

The experience is suitable for those who love nature and want to be really part of it and this is very appreciated for its impression and the mountain landscapes you can see. This water activity involves adventure lovers and curious people in scenery made of squirts, rapids, leaps and descents.

Let yourself be fascinated by rocky walls, expanse of woods and gorges you can see doing rafting.

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