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Maratea is the unique town of the province overlooking the sea and it spreads out along 32 kilometres of jagged coast on the Tyrrhenian sea.
The coast is streaked with inlets, caves, rocks and banks, as it is mounted in a particular geographical and environmental place. The beaches are many and all different and it’s the most splendid seascape in Italy so it’s known as “the pearl of the Tyrrhenian”.

The city centre of Maratea

The city centre offers a huge variety of buildings and monuments of great historic and architectural value and among them there are a lot of churches: indeed Maratea is also known as the city with 44 churches, each one rich of artistic tokens, such as late Byzantine and seventeenth- century frescos, millenary lions in stone, sixteenth- century tables and nineteenth- century paintings from Naples, antique armorial bearings, eighteenth- century wooden choirs and a lot of other works of art.

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frecciarossa sapri

Frecciarossa train network by Trenitalia is growing in the South. From 11th June to 16th September Milan, Rome, Naples and Sapri/Maratea will be connected with a pair of Frecciarossa on Saturdays and on Sundays.

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