Dinner by candlelight with a warm atmosphere closing in…

A delicate and intimate atmosphere will close in upon you on the poetic terraces of our restaurant, for an exclusive dinner by candlelight and overlooking the extraordinary Gulf of Policastro. The restaurant offers a refined and “natural” menu which is inspired by colors and scents of Mediterranean garden and Lucanian tradition. Fresh fishes such as sea basses, gilthead sea breams, dentexes, king prawns and delicious red mullets combine with cabbages, broccoli, spinaches, snow peas, sweet and spicy herbs. There are also unweaned kids, lambs and tasteful cheeses; for more as perfect marriage between earth and sea, we prepare bass ravioli served with ewe’s cream cheese and shrimp sauce, or home-made pasta with white beans from Sarconi, thyme and seafood.

Finally we have wild berry tarts, cream cheese and almond cakes, citrus, apple and blackberry sorbets and parfaits, which are all home-made. At Villa Cheta fantasy has no limits and when the ingredients are natural and fresh each matching is a joy for the palate.

Villa Cheta

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phone +39 0973 878134 / 878040