Capodanno 2018 Maratea Basilicata

VIP New Year’s Eve party at Villa Cheta in Maratea

31st December 2017 from Basilicata

Tv and music celebrities of “L’anno che verrà” (meaning The New Year is coming), the programme of channel Rai Uno which will be broadcasted on 31st December 2017 from Basilicata, will be guests of the Art Nouveau country seat overlooking the sea.

VIP New Year’s Eve party in Basilicata

The VIP New Year’s Eve party in Maratea will involve TV and music celebrities staying in Villa Cheta Hotel for the extraordinary party of the last day in 2017. Actually because of the programme “L’anno che verrà” of channel Rai Uno which will be broadcasted in Basilicata, prestigious Italian and international celebrities will stay in the splendid Art Nouveau country seat falling sheer to the sea, which still has the antique elegance of the past noble private residence. Even last year and for the first time Basilicata was the scenery for the New Year’s Eve party of channel Rai Uno, entering in people’s houses who uncork bottles of champagne among toasts and music during the countdown.

Even for the ending year party in 2017 the music which can be heard will be the one of this beautiful region kissed with two different seas, with guests like Amadeus who hosted the same programme in 2016. For the first edition on the stage in Mario Pagano square in Potenza there were Renzo Arbore and the Italian Orchestra, Nek, Noemi, Arisa, Edoardo Bennato and many other famous artists. We don’t know the protagonists of this edition yet but important names have already been announced.

These celebrities will enjoy the natural scenery which can be seen from the windows in Villa Cheta, the scents of its Mediterranean garden, its refined cookery, the brightness of the Venetian chandeliers, its embroided curtains and antique furniture, its nice Art Nouveau reading lamps; all things making the hotel rooms unique and precious.

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