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The journey of Maratea to become Capital of Culture in 2026 continues: the unique place facing the sea in South Italy, this Lucanian city is among the finalists which aim to this prize.

To support this project named Maratea 2026: the future starts from a millennial trip, we can find the city of Maratea, the Province of Potenza, the Foundation Saverio Nitti and several well-known faces of culture and showbiz.

The jury is composed by seven independent experts and after the examination of the ten finalists in March, they will recommend to the Minister of Culture one city, one metropolitan city or one combination of cities which will receive the title of Capital of Culture.

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Capital of Culture 2026, what is it

Since 2014 this event has been aiming to promote projects and activities which enhance the Italian cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible one, so enhancing even tourism.

The prize of one million Euro enhances the cultural heritage of the place winning it and up to now we have winners such as Mantova, Pistoia, Palermo and Parma and even Procida, Bergamo-Brescia, Pesaro (Capital of Culture in 2024) and Agrigento.

The ten finalist projects for year 2026 are: Agnone (near Isernia) 2026: fire inside and edge in the centre; Alba (near Cuneo) living is the beginning, Langhe and Roero is another story; Gaeta (near Latina) Blue, the climate for culture; L’Aquila the city of multiverse; Latina, Latina bonum facere; Lucera (near Foggia) Junction of people and cultures; Rimini, come beyond, future is here and now; Treviso, the senses of Culture; the union of municipalities Valdichiana Senese (near Siena), seed of Italy and among them we have even Maratea.

Because Maratea

The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian has not just a beautiful coast which has been winning the Blue Flag for ten years in a row but has even an historical city centre full of antique churches, historical buildings and artisan workshops, the church of San Biagio, the world-famous statue of Christ the Redeemer and a cookery delighting its guests. You can have: sightseeing excursions, boat trips, kayaking and windsurfing as Maratea is a little but welcoming place which offers to its guests a huge variety of possibilities and experiences.
According to Stefano Rolando, who is the committee chairman both for project Maratea 2026 and Foundation Francesco Saverio Nitti, Maratea is a door opening to the internal part of Basilicata and able to represent the whole Italy through a new and big alliance between North and South, sea and mountain for a fair and inclusive future.
Maratea will introduce itself through a tour from 27th January till 29th March which tells about the city using well-known faces of this land. For example Rocco Papaleo (actor, director, screenwriter and musician) introduced Maratea in Ara Pacis with other Lucanian journalists, writers and politicians. This project gathers actually the Lucanian people both of Italy and the world who want the value of this land to be recognized.
We just wait for the winner but in the meantime, we can browse:

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Frecciarossa train network by Trenitalia is growing in the South. From 11th June to 16th September Milan, Rome, Naples and Sapri/Maratea will be connected with a pair of Frecciarossa on Saturdays and on Sundays.

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