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Maratea Forbes

When we talk about lifestyle, innovation, economic culture and ranks the most famous magazine is Forbes

The American editorial staff draws up lists for the richest people in the world or the best under 30 talents changing the world and even the one about the most original and innovative ways to visit Italy in 2023.

Maratea forbes

Maratea has been chosen by Forbes as the best of the best

Forbes chooses just the best so we talk about Sicily, Sardinia, Garda Lake and two places right in Basilicata: Metaponto and the extraordinary Maratea. Even in North America they have realized the uniqueness of this region: it faces both Tyrrhenian and Ionian Sea and the two coasts are both amazing. Catherine Sabino, the author of the article, thinks that Maratea coast is full of idyllic coves with enchanting waters where you can see all the shades of turquoise, its beaches not far from the city centre and more than 44 churches.

"A different experience to discover oneself"

So no wonder if in journalist high profile list we can find Basilicata: it is one of the 12 not to be missed destinations according to Vogue in 2023, together with Japan and Mozambique.Why should you search for unusual ways to visit Italy? Why making a list of hidden paradise, amazing places far from massive tourism instead of talking about big cities and famous beaches? Sabino doesn’t make a list of forced stop-overs for tourists but her list is for travellers who want to discover both Italy and themselves from another point of view. The one who avoids crowded places, massive tourism, a sequel of rushed tasks.

Maratea is the perfect place to rejuvenate and find oneself

This is a list made of places where you can stop and relax, admiring views and tasting local cookery. So that’s why Maratea is in this list, it’s the right place to regenerate and recover. Hotel Villa Cheta and its Art Nouveau style offers to the guests a pause from daily and rushed routine, with the natural swimming pool and the bare footing with the opportunity to lose yourself in a place to be discovered. The restaurant delights with local dishes and the city centre is reachable easily.

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Maratea offers: Discover the latest offers of Maratea Hotel Villa Cheta to enjoy the Basilicata.

frecciarossa sapri

Frecciarossa train network by Trenitalia is growing in the South. From 11th June to 16th September Milan, Rome, Naples and Sapri/Maratea will be connected with a pair of Frecciarossa on Saturdays and on Sundays.

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