Sapri becomes Civita Lucana
for the new James Bond’s movie, a new argument

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Sapri becomes Civita Lucana for the new James Bond’s movie, a new argument.
The Major says: “We have no time for ifs and buts, we have to catch the train!”

The city is 8 kilometres far from Maratea and overlooks the Gulf of Policastro; because of its beautiful landscape with marvelous sea and charming hills here we have the last phases of “No time to die” recording, which is the last episode of 007’ saga. At the beginning of this week recording involves the train station of Sapri and some areas around it, but here the city signs have been changed with the ones indicating Civita Lucana, the place where the plot of the movie develops.

Civita Lucana

Civita Lucana for the new James Bond’s movie

Many citizens are disappointed as they wanted not only the landscape of Sapri but also its name appearing in the movie, so there have been a lot of arguments. The Major has expressed his opinion and has suggested to citizens: “ You should stop to complain and should understand the most important thing: the cast of the last 007 movie is here in Sapri with its director, Cary Joji Fukanaga, for recording which our city is hosting. We have no time for ifs and buts and we have to catch this train. Who really loves movies knows well that the name of the places are changed with fancy ones but only we are able to use the communication strength that a 007 movie can make rise here.”

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Frecciarossa train network by Trenitalia is growing in the South. From 11th June to 16th September Milan, Rome, Naples and Sapri/Maratea will be connected with a pair of Frecciarossa on Saturdays and on Sundays.

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