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cooking lesson

Cooking classes

A recreational and aggregative moment to discover enogastronomic and cultural origins of a land. The only necessary requisite to participate is loving food, these places and their inhabitants. The hearty eaters who want to taste this coloured paradise can join the Cooking therapy and learn, for example, how to recognize fresh fish or prepare a tasteful chowder instead of sitting in one of several delicious restaurants.

travel tastes

Travels in tastes

The South eatable with eyes, enjoying the view which every single terrace has on the blue sea. Villa Cheta Elite offers a Greedy Tour; the main idea is to give to the guests a taste of the secret that fascinated even the owners and you can discover the typical products created in the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian: handmade pasta, Maratea styled fish chowder with rock fish and red peppers, combined in a blaze of sweet herbs, vegetables and pulses. The tour includes a visit in the historical city centre of Maratea to discover a huge number of churches, chapels and monasteries all built in different times and different styles. During these walks you can stop and taste a lot of typical first courses, such as maccaroni arraganati, noodles and chickpeas, cavatielli with radish and bread. You can have all these tasteful dishes in one of the small restaurant around the square, staring at the sun or in some nice little dining room. Then the tour continues inside the superior part of Maratea to take delight in the plait of mozzarella from Massa directly in the little dairy or in eating the tomatoes and the ricotta cheese from Brefaro. Finally you can’t miss the fish tasting just caught in the fabulous sea where Maratea is; among the most famous typical dishes we have sea bass with malmsey, fusilli with squids and chilli peppers and Maratea styled fish chowder, all dishes prepared and served in the restaurants at the port of the city. Furthermore the confectionery proposes the famous bocconotti, pastries filled with jam or chocolate, and almond sweets accompanied with homemade liquors such as the ones with strawberries and wild fennel.

getting married


Charming night stay in the elegant rooms of a wonderful Art Nouveau country seat overlooking the sea. An enchanting honeymoon, an oasis of calm and beauty with a warm Mediterranean atmosphere. On the arrival the wedding couple will receive complimentary Italian sparkling wine and fresh flowers in their room. With an intimate number of rooms, each one decorated with antique furniture, truly the hotel transports its guests to the beginning of the twentieth century. An excursion on a boat is transformed into a romantic dream.  Anchored in wild isolated bays, safe from prying eyes and cradled by the waves, the day passes with refreshing dips in the sea under the sun caress..


Just for you we can arrange grills and barbecue during your longest and tiringest tours. A very appreciated event to take a short run after a race and to stay with pleasant people; here you can taste typical dishes of the area on the panoramic terraces or next to the swimming pool.

Aperitif by the swimming pool

Enjoy special aperitifs by the swimming pool always done with fresh spring ingredients from the local area for an original and unique pre-dinner experience. The Villa Cheta staff aims to please your taste buds with small mozzarellas wrapped in myrtle, shavings of Moliterno pecorino cheese with tomato “focaccine”, cream puffs filled with broccoli cream, cherry tomatoes filled with buffalo burratina, cod fish fritters with red onions, crunchy vegetables and zucchini flowers, all accompanied by the original drinks made by our maitre Biagio or with fine wines from Southern Italy.


Knowing wines, their shades and their couplings makes even the simple wine lover able to taste the features of each single bottle.


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