On boat along the coast

On boat along the 30 kilometres of Maratea coast and in the Gulf of Policastro you can admire the high rocky cliffs or the charming sixteenth-century towers, choosing time by time a different itinerary. The seamen and their stories will let you sail in the history and legends of our land and sea. After having sailed along the coast you will have a break for a bath in a splendid little beach where the sea varies its colours.

Sailing boat

For guests a sailing ship is available to navigate the sea of Ulysses: cutting through the deep blue on the amazing sailing boat 16 metres long, admiring the bays in the coast all day long.


An amazing day doing rafting: tasting the shiver going through the waterfalls of Lao river which is one of the most important river in South Italy for ecological and historic relevance inside the Pollino National Park.


You can explore the marvellous sea bottoms of the coast like the one in Cersuta, which has a huge and rich variety of environmental conditions in a succession of caves and sides that are occupied by different animal and plant species. Other sea bottoms deserving more than one visit are Torre Caino and Santo Janni.