Mara’tìa perfumes

maratia profumi
michele marin

As a young girl the owner spent hours through the lush gardens, flowers and wild vegetation of the Villa Cheta.

Together with the Infragranti Parfumeur she has now selected her favourite fragrances to create a small range of essential oils exclusively to share with her guests.

elite rose maratea

Elite Rose

Of all the flowers in the gardens of the hotel, the rose is queen, lovingly blended from several of the most fragrant blooms, the oil is Stefania’s favourite. The combination of its sweet bouquet and delicate, lasting fragrance is blended into the Elite rose attar which leaves the skin gently hydrated with a luminous bloom.

arbusto maris maratea

Arbusto Maris

The essential oil, Arbusto Maris is a blend of fragrances mixing the sweetness of almonds, cedar wood, juniper berries and myrtle with deeper notes of the shrubs and evergreens which surround the Villa Cheta. This mixture os essential oils with a gentle, spicy note and subtle strength hydrates and gently perfumes the skin.

blue basilikos maratea

Blue Basilikos

Basilicata was occupied by the Greeks 3000 years ago. As weel as olives and vines, they brought with them the Basilikos grass which flourishes in this rocky terrain. The aroma of this fragrant grass reminds Stefania of her childhood and, combined with local bergamot, salndalwood and a hint of basil has created an essential oil rich in vitamins: perfect for a massage at the end of a day in the sea and sun.

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