Mara’tìa perfumes

The meeting between Stefania Aquadro and Michele Marin from Infragranti Parfumeur has given life and olfactory creativity to the project MARA’TìA: Elìte Rose and Arbusto Maris. These fragrances both include the outstanding world of aromatic plants, flowers, spices and woods inspired by the blooming Mediterranean bush which surrounds the Villa, and are expressions of an accurate research of natural essential oils.

Elite rose

In the garden which surrounds Villa Cheta Hotel, from May to September, the Roses, cultivated by Stefania, are undisputed queens of sweet beauty. Infragranti Parfumeur took inspiration from these rose scents to create Elìte Rose attar. This fragrance celebrates a rose bouquet of dewy petals green morning freshness as well as of a sweet and fruited heart. Elìte Rose is is the tender embrace of essential oils and delicate detergents which respect and hydrate skin.

Arbusto Maris

Walking through the Mediterranean bush pathways which surround Villa Cheta Hotel, one is taken by the intense flavour of plants, shrubs and evergreens. Infragranti Parfumeur took inspiration from these paths infusing the olfactory experience into Arbusto Maris. A fragrance which makes almond sweetness meet cedar wood and, together with juniper berries and myrtle, instils the spicy mood of a warm summer night. Arbusto Maris is the sensual strength of essential oils and tender detergents which respect and hydrate skin.

The new fragrance of the year
Blue Basilikos

In the aromatic garden of Villa Cheta it must appear a thriving tuft of basilicus, the grass fit for the kings according to the meaning of the Greek word “ basilikos”. The freshness of its leaves closed up me and Stefania on the shore of Maratea Gulf and the Blue Basilikos of our toilet set was born. A complete line created with essential oils of bergamot and basil leaves, which are rich of b1, b2 and b3 vitamins. Blue Basilikos is unique for its harmony between aquatic notes and sandal wood

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