Massage in front of sea

Relaxing and revitalizing massages

Grant yourself a total relaxing moment…

Innovative treatments for a massage which will remove physical and emotional blocks and you will feel new and revitalized.

The main purpose of these massages is recovering the perception of ourselves: the masseur helps to enter our body again, to feel it in present time (here and now) with relaxation and slowdown of rhythms, perceiving ourselves in each muscle and tissue so purchasing again the awareness of our body. Our new line Blue Basilikos, created with essential oils of bergamot and basil leaves which are rich of b1, b2 and b3 vitamins, is unique for its harmony between acquatic notes and sandal wood and it’s excellent for a massage in a totally unguarded moment.

Digital Detox

(on request)

No internet at all, any smartphone locked in the drawer. And Twitter? Real twittering is better. It’s called digital detox holiday in suitable places to treat real addictions needing a real detoxification: you can make a new life for yourself disconnecting the plug.

At Villa Cheta the reception holds the tablet, a miraculous collection. Here you can leave your tablets and smartphones in reception which takes care of them while the guests are making an excursion in Pollino National Park, which is the largest in Italy and World Heritage Site by Unesco, or they are going on a trip to villages, like Morano Calabro which is one of the most beautiful, or simply while they are spending the day in one of the splendid beaches in Maratea.

Yoga by the sea

Find yourself with Yoga by the sea…
In this place the immense sea and the huge spaces reconcile your soul.

With our ‘Yoga by the sea’ package you can take a holiday practicing yoga on the terrace overlooking the sea combined with stretching and advanced massage techniques

First lesson “the physical state”
The first lesson is based on learning what causes relaxation, for example letting go or loosening  and giving up the condition of alertness.

Second lesson “the mental state”
The second lesson leads to an awareness of what  produces relaxation: the  listening, observation and attention state.

Third lesson “the following state’
The third lesson leads to deeper stages which offer particular guidance to achieve peace of mind and discover the beauty of silence.

Revaluing the pleasure of reading

Every time you read a book you don’t only leaf through ink and glue but you read a whole new life. Love, friendship and sailing boats at night: in a book, a real one, there are heaven and earth completely. Reading is a delight that not everyone grant oneself for lack of time. This is a recurring excuse but only sometimes this is truth and, as regards time, if there is time to feed our body there would be the more precious one to feed our soul too; above all in summertime on holidays. Reading opens the unknown windows on world, helps to cherish our dreams, nourishes our feelings, makes us get closer to the meaning of life.

When we leaf through the pages of a novel or an essay we acquire the instruments to understand better ourselves, the others and the outside world. Furtively wandering into the hotel you can discover books which draw your attention on a beside table, an old chest or even in the bedroom. Bring your dearest book on holiday: you can do funny exchanges with the other guests and in this way you share even the delight of reading, not only suggesting what to read but also lending or presenting your book, making it a traveller.

Bare footing

Throw away high-heeled shoes and the holiday begins. Freedom is now barefooting: it means walking on bare foot even without socks because feeling the earth is good and betters blood circulation, thermoregulation and the back posture. Barefooting is a pleasantness to discover in peacefulness. Taking off your shoes on one of the marvellous beaches is a new experience to have.

More and more brides choose the Gulf of Policastro for their most important “yes”, but without heels at sunset in one of the surprising bays along the coast. Villa Cheta Elite Hotel created a softer path not far from the beach: surrounding the swimming pool you can have a unique sensory travel among jasmines and bouganvilleas. Of course all the shoes are not allowed.

Enquire and Book

Just few steps divide you from your holiday at the hotel Villa Cheta in Maratea. If you have already decided or if you want just some information here you can book at the best guaranteed rate or ask us with no obligation on your part.