Matera is one of the most ancient cities in the world and its territory preserves human settlement testimonies from Palaeolithic; it represents an extraordinary page written by men through millenniums of history. Matera is called the City of Stones as the first urban nucleus developed in the natural caves inside the rock and then they became more complex structures, placed in two big natural amphitheatres named Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano. In 1993 UNESCO declared the “Sassi di Matera” (meaning stones of Matera) World Heritage Site. The “ Sassi di Matera” are the sixth archaeological site in Italy and the first one in South Italy…

The volo dell'Angelo

In the Lucanian Dolomites, in the heart of Basilicata, a steel cable suspended between the peaks of the two villages of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa will let you have a unique emotion: the Volo dell’Angelo ( meaning: the Angel’s flight). It’s a new attraction and a new idea of enjoying the environmental property following a new trend about free time and amusement, which tends to have new experiences and feel new emotions.

It is an adventure in very close contact with nature and a unique landscape discovering the true soul of the territory. Safely tied with a special climbing harness and hooked into a steel cable you can experience the thrill of flight for some minutes and you will live an amazing adventure, as it is the unique place in Italy and all over the world for the beauty of the land and the maximum height of flight over.

"Ponte alla luna"

Ponte alla luna, meaning the bridge to the moon, is suspended between heaven and earth for breath-takink adventure. It take about 1 hour from Villa Cheta in Maratea to arrive where the most spectacular Tibetan bridge was inaugurated last April. The scenery is really enchanting, the landscape is spectacular and shivers are a lot on the bridge which is part of a huge and varied proposal based on nature and environment.

In Sasso di Castalda, which is in the heart of Lucanian Apennine, the tribute to Rocco Petrone (the NASA engineer who was born here and was in charge of Mission Apollo 11) became a reality. The Ponte alla Luna is an unusual interlacement between railways and routes; it’s a natural and valuable way which starts from the sides of “Fosso Arenazzo” (meaning Arenazzo ditch) and arrives to the foot of the historic centre. Here actually two bridges are over the ravine which is close to the village. The first is 95 metres long and suspended at 70 metres; the latter is a unique bay which is 300 meters long and suspended at 120 metres, actually the “Ponte alla Luna”.

Grotta delle Meraviglie

A fascinating guided tour in the “Grotte delle Meraviglie” (meaning wonderful caverns) which is rich of stalactites and stalagmites which adorn a natural composition made by impressive columns, where natural drapery seems to lay down.

The Grotta delle Meraviglie is the littlest touristic cave in Italy, actually only one room 70 metres long, 20 metres large and 7 metres high, where some short and little tunnels begin. Going through an artificial gallery, which is almost 6 metres long and situated under the S.S. 18, you go down until 8 metres of depth and here you find a comfortable staircase which brings you inside the cave.

It is reachable in 21 minutes with your own car or with our shuttle service from Villa Cheta.


The walks along the antique paths accompanied by a geologist to know the typical plants of the Mediterranean scrub. Maratea city overlooks 30 kilometres of Tyrrhenian coast with precipitous declines covered with Mediterranean brush, with several promontories and bays spreading in the Gulf of Policastro and its marvellous colours. From the coast walking along antique mule track you will arrive in the backcountry with a strong agricultural nature and sprinkled with charming medieval villages like Rivello and Trecchina, with your gaze stretching on the impressive view of the Appenine of Campania, Basilicata and Calabria.

The territory of Maratea is placed at the intersection of three National Parks ( Pollino, Cilento- Vallo di Diano and Lucanian Appennine National Park) and it will astonish you with all the animal and plant species in the sea and on the land, like the Primula Palinuri or peregrine falcon which nests on the crags.


The best way to enjoy the enchantment of pure nature in Maratea is cycling along paths and tracks which let you discover the most beautiful natural corners. Leave the noisy and stressful traffic to venture on daring paths, along arduous hills and breath-taking descents, surrounded by a unique environment lawns, woods and creek… cycling lets you enjoy extraordinary and unique views and the cultural treasures of the area. An adventure that bike lovers should not miss! Maratea always offers exciting adventures both for experts and beginners. You can choose between easy and accessible paths or more difficult and challenging ones, which put to the test the body resistance of the people who want to face themselves. Instructors and pros can counsel and attend you and at the same time live with you unforgettable experiences.

Horse riding

At sunset galloping on the empty beaches or among mountains which reflect into the sea. You can live the nature in a different way and having the opportunity to stay away from cities you can walk through woods and paths admiring wonderful views.

It is reachable in 30 minutes with your own car or with our shuttle service from Villa Cheta.

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