Where the Maratea coast falls into the sea at its most beautiful daringly and the shore with its pink, black and white shades is an ancient treatise on the theory of light and its effects on the sand. The Villa overlooks the Thyrrenian Sea, reminding us of the wonderful receptions of Marsicanos through its distinctive Art Nouveau styled building. A refined and high tradition kept up by a management which since 1980 has been using excellent cookery and perfect service as keywords, in an atmosphere which still keeps a close bond between nobility and refinement.

Perfect harmony between
present and past

Most of all Villa Cheta offers a special hospitality, an exceptional experience for the ones who are searching for a particular and elegant place, even if informal and friendly. To keep the refined balance of the house its structure has not been changed much: the number of rooms is moderate but enriched with a sensible and tasteful furniture.

The brightness of the Venetian chandeliers, the refined washing stands, the elegant Art Nouveau reading lamps, the snow-white embroided curtains, antique furniture and modern one: each space is a different experience, a perfect harmony between present days and desired past style.

Villa Cheta offers to its guests the opportunity to plunge into the true recovery of the relationship between themselves and the nature with body and mind. In this Southern paradise, both rough and fascinating, elements are able to reawaken a soothed longing for conquest and rediscovery.

Good news

Maratea offers: Discover the latest offers of Maratea Hotel Villa Cheta to enjoy the Basilicata.

The early bird gets the worm

Offer available from 04.05.2018 to 27.06.2018 and from 08.09.2018 to 22.10.2018

Book at least 30 day in advance and get a 15% discount

On boat along the coast

Offer available from 14.04.2017 to 17.04.2017 and from 10.09.2017 to 12.10.2017

On boat along the 30 kilometres of Maratea coast and in the Gulf of Policastro you can admire the high rocky cliffs or the charming sixteenth-century towers, choosing time by time a different itinerary. The seamen and their stories will let you sail in the history and legends of our land and sea. After having sailed along the coast you will have a break for a bath in a splendid little beach where the sea varies its colors.

Price starting from Euro 255,00 per person

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On the beach with children in July and August

Offer available from 28.06.2017 to 09.08.2017

To satisfy our guests, who are also parents, and making their holidays with children pleasant, from 28th June to 9th August we offer the 8% discount for stays in triple and quadruple rooms in bed and breakfast accommodation, with buffet breakfast.

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Simply relax

Offer available from 04.05.2018 to 27.06.2018 and from 08.09.2018 to 22.10.2018

Villa Cheta offers to its guests the opportunity to plunge into the true recovery of the relationship between themselves and the nature with body and mind; the new outside swimming pool of the Villa Cheta in Basilicata was created making optimum use of the natural features of environment, respecting and integrating the surroundings. Salt water is the new concept of wellness as the salt has several therapeutical and beneficial effects: the mineral microelements harden the skin, slim the body and raise your spirit.

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Vacanze di terra a Matera

Basilicata 3rd place to visit for the NY Times

Caves, beaches and more in Italy’s secret southern region: This is a chance to visit Italy’s southern region before the world catches on. Between the heel that is Puglia and the toe that is Calabria, you will find Basilicata, the arch of Italy’s foot.

Matera is 2 hours and 35 minutes far from Maratea and it is one of the most cities in the world; actually its territory shows many testimonies of human settlements which are dated back Paleolithic

“Ponte alla luna”

Ponte alla luna, meaning the bridge to the moon, is suspended between heaven and earth for breath-takink adventure. It take about 1 hour from Villa Cheta in Maratea to arrive where the most spectacular Tibetan bridge was inaugurated last April. The scenery is really enchanting, the landscape is spectacular and shivers are a lot on the bridge which is part of a huge and varied proposal based on nature and environment.

In Sasso di Castalda, which is in the heart of Lucanian Apennine, the tribute to Rocco Petrone (the NASA engineer who was born here and was in charge of Mission Apollo 11) became a reality. The Ponte alla Luna is an unusual interlacement between railways and routes; it’s a natural and valuable way which starts from the sides of “Fosso Arenazzo” (meaning Arenazzo ditch) and arrives to the foot of the historic centre. Here actually two bridges are over the ravine which is close to the village. The first is 95 metres long and suspended at 70 metres; the latter is a unique bay which is 300 meters long and suspended at 120 metres, actually the “Ponte alla Luna”.

Villa Cheta

Hotel & Restaurant

Via Canonica, 48, 85046 Maratea PZ – Basilicata Italy
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A special South Italy hotel

A special place

A late nineteenth century villa which was transformed into a small luxury hotel over thirty years ago, the Villa Cheta has a stunning location overlooking the sea and the spectacular Maratea coastline which is as dramatic as that of Amalfi but with far fewer tourists. The furnishings, paintings and decor evoke the ambience of a private mansion and that impression is reinforced by the ever present, efficient, courteous and helpful staff who aim to make every guest’s stay as pleasant as possible.

This is a hotel for relaxation, a place to rest and recuperate and a romantic hideaway. The new pool beckons the sun worshipper; the pretty garden with its exotic flowers and shrubs provides a retreat for those who wish to do no more than read under the shade of a tree.

The catering is excellent with a wide choice of food provided at breakfast and four course dinners available each evening. Even the pre dinner cocktails are accompanied by a selection of ‘amuse bouches’.
What makes the Villa Cheta a special place is its combination of a lovely location, elegant accommodation, together with well trained and friendly staff. A special thank you to Maria, Anna, Biagio and Angelina for all their help.

Rating by Laura K su Tripadvisor: 5.0 stars

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