Maratea hotel Villa Cheta:
nature and sea as far the eye can see

Where the Maratea coast falls into the sea at its most beautiful daringly and the shore with its pink, black and white shades is an ancient treatise on the theory of light and its effects on the sand. The Villa overlooks the Thyrrenian Sea, reminding us of the wonderful receptions of Marsicanos through its distinctive Art Nouveau styled building. A refined and high tradition kept up by a management which since 1980 has been using excellent cookery and perfect service as keywords, in an atmosphere which still keeps a close bond between nobility and refinement.

Perfect harmony between
present and past

Villa Cheta offers a special hospitality, an exceptional experience for the ones who are searching for a particular and elegant place, even if informal and friendly. To keep the refined balance of the house its structure has not been changed much: the number of rooms is moderate but enriched with a sensible and tasteful furniture. The brightness of the Venetian chandeliers, the refined washing stands, the elegant Art Nouveau reading lamps, the snow-white embroided curtains, antique furniture and modern one: each space is a different experience, a perfect harmony between present days and desired past style.

Beautiful life

Villa Cheta offers to its guests the opportunity to plunge into the true recovery of the relationship between themselves and the nature with body and mind. In this Southern paradise, both rough and fascinating, elements are able to reawaken a soothed longing for conquest and rediscovery.

Villa Cheta

Hotel & Restaurant

Via Canonica, 48, 85046 Maratea PZ – Basilicata Italy
Phone +39 0973 878134 – Fax +39 0973 878135
VAT number 00528000763

phone +39 0973 878134