• knowing about a wine, recognising its complexity and what to serve it with

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting Maratea: knowing about a wine, recognising its complexity and what to serve it with, allows even ordinary wine lovers to increase their enjoyment of the distinctive character of each bottle. A simple but effective course for wine lovers and experts alike.

Wine tasting is in fact an ancient art that originated in Ancient Roman times. Today the art of wine tasting is no longer the prerogative of the chosen few. Apart from very rare exceptions, everyone has the possibility of appreciating wine as long as they are interested in learning the basic techniques and fundamental principles regarding this precious drink. Indeed everyone has the potential sensory capacity to analyse a wine by tasting it.

The taster can be categorized in terms of his or her specific competence, preparation, the school frequented and cultural store of knowledge. However, to be considered a wine taster, the essential requirements are a logical approach and the ability to form as objective a judgement as possible.

 Acquiring this knowledge forms the basis of the wine tasting lessons, which consist of a visit to a typical cellar in the area and the tasting of a variety of wines the firm produces, perhaps accompanied by the tasting of cured hams, salami, cheeses and fried bread.

The lessons, structured in modules to be decided upon according to requirements, obviously consist in learning the general principles and techniques of wine tasting and understanding the important role the senses play (visual, olfactory, and gustatory analysis) in wine tasting. Obviously attention will be paid to the fundamental aspect of the balance between the scents and flavours of different wines.

Additional information will also be provided on vine-growing and wine production in order to point out the main sicknesses that can affect wine, and the quality/price relationship of the various wine cellars.All participants will receive written material in their language, complete with wine tasting checklists. Not only are the wines tasted during the lessons, they can also be purchased directly from the producers so that theory and practice can be combined in an extremely pleasant way.


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