• a recreational and social occasion for discovering the gastronomic and cultural roots of an area

Cooking classes

Cooking classes Maratea: a recreational and social occasion for discovering the gastronomic and cultural roots of an area. The aim is for the “dish” to come alive for visitors who, during their stay in Basilicata, are eager to taste the local cuisine and learn the secrets of the basic recipes. The only requirement for participating in these courses is a love of food, places, and their inhabitants.

Today more than ever food has become an art form. Lovers of good food seek traditional flavours and authentic ingredients by following directions found in old recipes. The rhythms of modern life that lead to hurried preparation and the use of pre-prepared products have contaminated most people’s taste buds and caused the disappearance of many traditional recipes, even from the most sophisticated menus.

Cooking is first of all culture, conviviality and creativity, while also representing a way of learning more about the traditions of the country in which one finds oneself. Through cooking courses one can learn how to prepare typical dishes, but above all, one can learn to recognise and appreciate the perfumes and combinations of flavours that have always been present on Italian tables. The variety and originality of the recipes not only offer the great pleasure of a better understanding of how dishes are prepared, but also the chance to sample all the rituals involved in a “fine table”, which highlight the quality and genuineness of local products. By participating in a cooking course one can begin to relate to the precise nature of the cultural situation that for centuries has accompanied the development of Italian history.

Food closely mirrors the life and culture of a population, and is one of the fundamental aspects that allow a visitor to enter into and understand the traditions and customs of a land in a more profound way. The aim of these cooking courses is to introduce participants to the fascinating world of Balilicata gastronomy so that it can be understood, appreciated and enjoyed. Instructed by competent chefs, participants will share in the authentic moments of “kitchen life” that lead to the execution of various recipes. These very special cooking lessons are also planned to finish with the pleasure of an excellent homemade meal in front of a good glass of red wine! The course is designed for anyone who is interested in the subject; there are no requirements other than the love and appreciation of good food.


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