Porticello beach

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The Portacquafridda beach is known by the inhabitants of Acquafredda as “the Porticello”, because it overlooks a bay sheltered by marine currents. On July 4, 1848 landed on this beach, the patriot Costabile Carducci, who was then attacked and killed by pro-Bourbon legitimists and buried in the church of Acquafredda.

Situated in a splendid natural area, look out over the beach the beautiful “Cave of the Dragon”, the largest natural cave ever explored in Basilicata. Near the cave you can see the characteristic bush of “critano”, the ‘sea salad’ , the acquafreddari elderly remember when it was used as a spice. Among the rocks of this beach is a spring of fresh water, pure and very cold, which gave its name to the village.

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